Meeting Minutes


SunLand Water District

Board of Commissioners

Meeting of September 12, 2017



Regular Meeting

  1. Call to order.  9:00 AM at 5762 Woodcock Road, Sequim, WA 98382
    1. Attendees: Commissioners Larison, Putnam and Friess; Mike Langley, District Manager; Karen Shay, bookkeeper; Gary Fortmann, Division 17 President.
  2. Minutes: the minutes of the August 8, 2017 regular meeting were approved as presented.
  3. Financial Report: Karen Shay presented the financial reports through August 31, 2017.  Discussion of several unusual amounts probably the result of some 2016 payments being included in the 2017 “actuals.”  Overall, our financial position looks very good as we should have less net loss than budgeted.
  4. Manager’s Report: Mike Langley presented his report which is appended to and is a part of the official meeting minutes.
  5. Old Business:
    1. Resolution 96. After deliberation it was decided to leave the March 13, 2012 resolution “as is” and consider any future requests for a variance in water and sewer fees on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Online Banking Access. Working fine now.  No actions needed.
    3. New Office Status Report. Four “punch list” items for contractor to fix.  Working on security features such as monitoring, cameras, and fencing.  Much progress made.
    4. Status of Meter/meter setter installation. Almost completely done.  Less than a dozen meters remaining.
    5. Meter Reading/Data Processing. Will be getting on-site training from VISION staff in the next month or so.  Will begin reading all meters and ensuring date flows into the VISION software for reporting.
  6. New Business.
    1. Schedule 2018 budget workshops. Will meet Wednesday September 20, 2017 @ 1 PM for initial 2018 budget draft.  Langley and Shay will take inputs from that meeting and construct a 2018 budget for approval during the October 10, 2017 Commissioner’s meeting.
  7. Checks and Vouchers. None presented.  Will complete these during the September 20, 2017 budget meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted

Jim Larison

Board President

Minutes 9-12-2017 (PDF)






Commissioners Meeting

October 17, 2017

Manager’s Report by Mike Langley

Financial Report by Karen Shay

Water Reclamation Facility

  • Hay harvesting at the spray field is finished for the year, so we’ll be doing some mowing.
  • Mike and Rich have been replacing a few broken parts on reclaimed water filter II.

Water Meters/Meter Setters   

  • Scott and Dutch have installed the last two meters and setters on the multi-family dwellings at SunLand. All that remain are a few single family connections.   Some of these connections have been lost over the years and will require a significant amount of time to find the residence/District water connection.  In a few locations galvanized piping was installed between the water mainline and the service box.  The galvanized pipe will need to be removed and replaced with poly pipe.  This work will require dig permits and street repairs.


Water Production/Consumption Results

  • Static water levels in the wells have held steady over the summer dry weather.



  • Judy is home from the hospital and doing great. She’ll be back in the office by November.
  • It looks like an ADT security system plus an in house camera set-up would be the most cost effective way to go.
  • Hoch Construction has addressed a list of issues regarding the new office building.
  • SWD personnel have finished re-plumbing the water services in Division 17 East.
  • SWD personnel repaired water leaks on Northwest Place and Madigan Place.
  • The District has requested bids from three fencing contractors and received none, so will most likely be building fences and gate ourselves as time permits.
  • SWD personnel are insulating meter boxes as well as other exposed plumbing.
  • We’ve filled up our emergency gas and diesel supply for the winter.
  • The crew removed several tons of worn out pumps, motors, and other unusable materials from the storage barn.
  • Scott, Jay, and Dutch are working on a drive through exit at 5762 Woodcock Road.

Scott and Dutch have been looking at options for improvements to sewer lift stations three and four (Taylor and the highway). Dutch is unplugging one of the pumps at the Taylor lift station at this writing.

Managers Report Oct. 2017 (PDF)



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Meeting Minutes (Budget) September 20, 2017

Sunland Water District


Purpose: Prepare 2018 budget for board approval.

Attendees: Pres. Larison, Commissioners Friess and Putnam, Gen Mgr. Langley, Commissioner elect Fortmann, Karen Shay, finance/accounting.

Called to order at 1:00 PM

Pres. Larison prepared a proposed budget, by line item, income of approximately $1,066,000 and expenses of $1,049,000. Each income and expense item was discussed. Several changes were made and a couple items were left as they required further investigation.

It was decided that “overtime” pay needed to be budgeted as a separate line item.

The possibility of a one time employee bonus was considered. No decision was made as Mike Langley needs to investigate the legality of an “employee bonus.”

Utilities will increase slightly due to the new office. Also, security and insurance will increase for the same reason.

Operating supplies and Machinery and Equipment will go down as most of the setters and meters have been purchased and installed.

Employee family medical was discussed and tabled for more information. Current policy is renewed in July. A decision will be made before that date.

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After all income and expense items were considered and all changes were made, only two are left to be decided at the October regular meeting: Security and Machinery and Equipment.

Without those two items finalized, the SWD 2018 budget stands at

Income:  $1,097,399

Expense: $1,097,399

The 2018 budget will be finalized and approved at the regular SWD meeting Tuesday, October 10, 2017. It must be submitted to the county by the end of November.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Charles S. Putnam, Commissioner. September 21, 2017

Minutes – Budget Mtg. 9-20-17 (PDF)


 SunLand Water District held a
Public Forum on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

Click here to download the Forum Presentation.

Forum Presentation 5-1-12

Public Forum minutes 5-1-12


2007-2009 State Accountability Audit Report – January 29, 2011


 Please note that the audit report is for the years 2007-2009 and was just completed.

Click here to view.

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 2010 Year End Financial Reports – January 24, 2011

1. 2010 Profit & Loss Statement – click here to view.

2. 2010 Balance Sheet – click here to view.

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