Washington State Regulations

The 2003 Municipal Water Supply-Efficiency Requirements Act
(Commonly known as the Washington “Municipal Water Law”)

This law provides water utilities with certainty and flexibility in the exercise of water rights while establishing reasonable and achievable water use efficiency requirements. It applies to all municipal water suppliers with 15 or more connections.

Managing water efficiently can help water utilities decrease expenses and extend the life of water system components.

Monitoring the amount of water produced and used can help identify leaks and needed repairs. Leaks are a major problem—and a special concern because of the possibility of bacteria or other contaminants getting into water and possibly causing illness.

Key elements of the Water Use Efficiency Rule:

a. Water Use Efficiency Planning. Water suppliers must collect data, forecast demand, evaluate leakage, evaluate rate structures that encourage water use efficiency, and evaluate or implement water use efficiency measures.

b. Distribution Leakage Standard. Municipal water suppliers must meet a state distribution system leakage standard in order to minimize water loss in the distribution system.

c. Water Use Efficiency Goal-Setting and Performance Reporting. Municipal water suppliers must set water use efficiency goals through a public process and report annually on their performance to customers.

For more information, visit:

Washington State Department of Health – Water Use Efficiency
This is the law that requires all customers to be metered by 2017.


Water-Sewer Districts – Title 57, Revised Code of Washington

This Title of State of Washington Legal Code governs the formation and operation of municipal water districts – including SunLand Water District. It’s various chapters spell out the way we must operate the district’s activities.

For more information, visit:

Washington State Legislature
Title 57 of the Revised Code of Washington which pertains to water and sewer districts.

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